Academics at Melbourne Girls Grammar

Teaching to all levels

MGGS is a medium sized school with structures carefully planned to ensure each girl is known and appreciated as an individual. Within the School, students are catered for as individuals with developmentally appropriate Programs for our ELC, Junior, Middle and Senior Years girls.

  • Senior Years (Years 9-12): Respect, rigour and relevance characterise the Senior Years Program: we respect every girl’s ability to map out and manage her learning pathway, we provide highly rigorous academic courses, and design purposeful tasks that make learning relevant to our contemporary girls. Melbourne Girls Grammar specialises in the highest quality delivery of the VCE Program in Years 11 and 12. Students are carefully prepared to enter their VCE courses with the independence, persistence, self-discipline, adaptability and confidence to balance their workload, meet responsibilities and advocate for their learning needs. The 60 plus VCE study offerings enable preparation and pathway to a multitude of tertiary study opportunities.
  • Middle Years (Years 5-8): Our Middle Years Program has emerged from extensive research into the needs of our contemporary adolescent girls. We have purposely designed learning experiences that promote the development of positive, healthy girls who are solution orientated thinkers, ready to respond to the pace and complexity of their contemporary context. The Middle Years is an exciting, engaging and relevant experience for our students. The Middle years at Melbourne Girls Grammar can be conceptualised as a two phase experience in which the developmental needs of our Wildfell Program (Years 5 and 6) learners and our St Hilda’s Program (Years 7 and 8) learners are acknowledged and accommodated within our cohesive learner focused, rigorous and innovative four year program. The Middle Years offers rich, varied and engaging learning and wellbeing experiences for our girls and our programs are built on a philosophy of choice, academic and personal challenge, and raised expectations, unifying the whole Middle Years experience.
  • Junior Years (Prep to Year 4): The Junior Years Campus has been re-imagined to provide an optimum environment for young, contemporary learners who require a variety of learning spaces in order to become self-directed, collaborative and resilient. Traditional classrooms have been replaced by light filled 'learning studios' with comfortable and flexible, purpose built furniture and easy access to technology for our technologically literate teachers and students. It also allows a multi-disciplinary team of teachers to plan and teach together to implement learning experiences that utilise a variety of spaces, direct instruction, inquiry learning, problem based learning and personalised learning.
  • Early Learning (3 and 4 year olds): Our Early Learning Centre consists of five flexible learning spaces or classrooms. Each of the five student groups has a full time Early Childhood Educator and a full time Early Childhood Qualified Assistant. Our philosophy is intent on embracing a range of experiences and various ways of constructing knowledge. The Early Learning Centre offers endless possibilities for each child to play, explore, develop relationships and engage with life’s joys and complexities.