Melbourne Girls Grammar is an outstanding boarding school for girls, committed to academic excellence of the past 120 years in Melbourne, Australia. During this time, girls have been encouraged and supported to become confident, articulate young women, capable of independent thought and learning, ready to make their way in the world and to contribute to it.

"At the heart of MGGS are strong relationships. We are focused on the best outcomes for every girl. We take great joy from seeing our students become who they are meant to be. A MGGS girl is happy, confident and ready for life beyond our boarding school gates." – Catherine Misson, Principal

Looking forward - Girls' Education

Melbourne Girls Grammar can look back with pride to its achievements in the last century and move forward with confidence and purpose in the new millennium.

"Melbourne Girls Grammar has a clear vision for the education of our Contemporary students. We are committed to preparing them to navigate their future with confidence, resourcefulness, and the ability to respond to complex challenges. Our girls have the capacity to be the positive influence in the many life contexts they will experience beyond our red brick walls." – Catherine Misson, Principal, Melbourne Girls Grammar

Ethical vision

Melbourne Girls Grammar aspires to develop ethical women of action. Through a focus on learning, research and innovation we aim to be recognised by our own community, the national and international community as a leading school in girls' education. In the pursuit of our vision, Melbourne Girls Grammar is committed to the provision of an exceptional education for girls, with an emphasis on strong Christian values, high expectations, creativity and academic challenge. Within a supportive and optimistic culture we provide opportunities for students to discover their passions and build their capacities for action and influence within their many life contexts.

All-girls advantages

At MGGS, we have over 120 years of experience working with and supporting girls to achieve their best. We understand how girls develop as students and people, and this knowledge empowers us to create a learning experience that best suits these parameters. We encourage girls to be who they want to be and to follow their passions in pursuit of their aspirations. At MGGS, every decision we make is in the best interest of our girls. Our learning programs and wellbeing supports are designed purely for girls. Our facilities and our learning environments are designed and constructed to support the girls and the way they learn best.